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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is sublimation?

A: Sublimation is a process in which heat and pressure are used to bond the ink to the material. Unlike traditional screen printing, sublimation is within the surface of the material. This provides a variety of benefits, ranging from colorfastness, to color saturation, to overall printing quality.


Q: Why is sublimation more expensive than screen printing?

A: Sublimated products require additional mechanisms and processes that are not required in traditional screen printing, thus an increase in cost in the finished product. The end result in a sublimated product is superior to that of a traditional screen printed product(not do downgrade screen printing, we love screen printing).


Q: How long will it take to ship my order

A: Travel time for your shipment will depend upon several factors. Carrier selected, destination location, carrier speed selection, product availability, these factors will all come into play when trying to determine the total length of time it will take for your package to arrive. We have prepared for you below two maps supplied from UPS and FEDEX that displays average time for STANDARD GROUND shipment. This gives a general estimate for when your product is likely to arrive within your region of the country. For complete shipping details, please see our delivery and returns page.


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