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The Local Idiots are everyone, and anyone who is out there, doing the things that most people would feel are completely Idiotic. We've embraced a view on the extreme sports culture, and have branded ourselves forevermore—the Local Idiots. So rejoice and go out in the world and live up the LI life.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We here at Local Idiots want the best when going out into the great unknown. Preparedness is crucial for a successful journey. That is why we have committed ourselves to producing the most technical, durable and functional products available. Our desire for the best leads us to continually develop our product line.

Our Location

Nestled in the foothills of Mt. Hood, Oregon, the Local Idiots have a great advantage of being in one of the most unique places on earth. With its varied terrain and weather, we have the ability to test our materials in environments that vary and range in a wide spectrum. This allows us to be certain that the products we are developing, function at an optimum level in a variety of conditions.

LI Philosophy

We at LI are all driven by a similar passion: Seeking adventure and exploration on this great planet of ours. The never ending pursuit of finding new waterfalls, new lines, new waves is what the repeating mantra is in every one of our heads.


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